Pluralsight: Dev Training by Developers

While searching for MOOCs on cloud computing for business, I came across a site for learning programming that I hadn’t heard of before.  After peeping Pluralsight, I liked the fact that the course material offered is a good mix for both beginner and intermediate stages.  Course material is taught by other developers who focus more on building existing knowledge rather than repeatedly covering the basics like other sites (no shade).  Mind you, the material is not cheap, running at a cost of $29/month for individuals or up to $300 a year annually.  I’m careful not to add any more food (i.e. bills) to my plate when I’m already full, so I won’t be subscribing.   I did however take advantage of the free trial long enough to get some courses on the cloud in.  The material was presented in conversation mode, which I prefer to online lectures.

The course material  has grown since the company acquired Peep Code and its video library.  So far, I found courses on the site covering languages such as HTML5 (16 courses), C# (21), JavaScript (58), C## (15), as well as SQL (56).  In addition, Pluralsight also offers industry insight on tech career growth and social media training.

Here’s a link for you all to browse courses and enroll in the free trial**.

**I am not affiliated with Pluralsight, nor receive any kickbacks from them.


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