Code Snippets and Other Free Wisdom

The great thing about learning how to code today is that there are more than enough books, wikis (including our own), blogs, and websites that can help you no matter what skill level you start at.  I’m a book type of autodidact– I need only to be shown how to code something once in order to internalize it for integrating in my own projects.  Some may prefer video lectures, while others have dedicated go-to sites they visit often for trouble-shooting and brain storming.  No matter what hill you arrive at, there is always a resource to show you how to get over or around it.

Lately, my hurdle has been finding out how to code certain functions in web design. I hate to say it, but outside of writing, I’m not that artistic.  I derive most of my inspiration from other designs, photos, posters, or everyday illustrations I might see.  When it comes to CSS3, I’m inspired by flat UI design which I find to be more visually compatible with mobile.  Its a habit for me to view the source code in Chrome’s developer tools when I find a design that is particularly striking to me.  Studying the source code is the easiest way to learn a master’s technique.

I think Jake Rocheleau, a Digital Researcher on popular design, would agree with me.  He authored a recent gem that included 28 free CSS code snippets accessed through CodePen. Wondering how to code web extras like bootstrap forms, radial menus, e-commerce columns, image sliders, plus more? Rocheleau has you covered this week!

To view all 28 code snippets, visit the article here.



3 thoughts on “Code Snippets and Other Free Wisdom

  1. I also get inspiration from flat UI designs and I find they are great for coding novices to practice tinkering with…….and oh how i LOVE codepen!!

    It’s one of many great platforms I use in conjunction with my Front End program on Treehouse as I slowly ease myself into web dev. Although recently I’ve been getting sidetracked with a growing interest in data analytics/mining. I did a good amount of database coursework in uni and my dad has been encouraging me into looking programs in BIG DATA. le sigh.

    There is so much to learn in IT, which makes it’s hard for people like myself to stay focused 😀

  2. I’ve never heard of Weka, thanks!! I asked my dad about it and he was excited I knew what it was lol 🙂

    Treehouse has videos/projects based on Github so you always have that as a resource.
    “The community on Github is pretty experienced though and some seem like jerks when commenting on the codes people post.”
    le sigh I’ve noticed this as well….

    Which courses from WCC have you completed? How have your skill sets in those areas improved? For some of these online courses, while I’ve learned a great deal, few of them equipped me with the tools to actually start tinkering around and start my own projects.

    • I took the JS/jQuery course. I didn’t learn anything new as far as JavaScript is concerned. The course leaned more so on learning jQuery, which was better for me since I had no knowledge in that area. The structure of WCC is crash-coursing: you’ll learn a lot in a short period of time and will have to use additional resources to complete the course project that’s required to pass/finish. WCC holds participants accountable by posting assignments every 2 days. You’ll receive points for completing them in advance or on time. The participant with the most points earns a discount on future courses. In my opinion though, if you’re already invested in Treehouse, there’s no need for WCC courses. WCC has a supportive network of women who will assist you, but Treehouse is better designed and offers more video tutorials/resources.

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