Save the Date: Upcoming Ruby on Rails Workshops in Selected Cities

RailsBridge, an advocacy group that hosts seminars throughout the country teaching ruby-on-rails to code newbies, has selected the following locations for 2-day workshops.  RailsBridge has been offering free weekend workshops led by volunteers experienced in ROR, and targets minority women in their outreach.  I wanted to post the upcoming tour schedule for those interested in attending.  Here are the dates and locations for the August and September workshops:

August 20-21st, 2014
Outreach for Women Seminar
Madison, WI @ Madison College

August 22-23rd, 2014
Front-end Workshop
Sunnydale, CA @ GoDaddy HQ

September 5-6th, 2014
RailsBridge Workshop
Cleveland, OH @ Lean Dog HQ

September 5-6th, 2014
RailsBridge Workshop
Boulder, CO @ Galvanize Boulder

September 13th, 2014
Intro to JavaScript
Savannah, CA @ Coastal George Center

September 26th-27th, 2014
RailsBridge Workshop
New York, New York @ Dev Bootcamp

To register at any of the above events, please visit to RSVP.  To the best of my knowledge, all workshops are free unless otherwise stated by the organization.

**P.S. Speaking of ROR workshops, just received a short comment that Rails Girls, another great advocacy group, will be hosting seminars around the world this Fall.  Locations include Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, Ecuador, and many others.  To learn more about their work and register for one of their events, click here.


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