New Updates Added to Our Code Wiki

The transition from moving Our Code Wiki from Wikispaces to Googlesites went smoothly.  As promised, the new wiki went live on Monday and I finished all the site updates this morning.  In addition to moving all our old resources and materials to the new location, I also added a few extras.  Viewers and members can now enjoy brand new courses, toolkits, links, videos, and guides.  The amount of updates I added are many, so to view the complete list, visit the Our Updates page on the wiki.  I will information and resources as I find them every other day, so be sure to bookmark the page.

For those who are new to Our Code, the wiki functions as a free resource library for readers to learn coding.  In the future, I want Our Code Wiki to grow into an open source community of members who all contribute to the site.  If you were a member of the old wiki, I invite you to please join the new site as a member.

Members will be allowed to edit and submit materials for the wiki according to site guidelines.  To become a member, visit Our Site Help page for assistance, or simply email me.  If you want to use the site but have no interest in contributing, consider subscribing to the wiki to get updates sent to your email.  If you subscribe to this blog, you will be sent a personal invitation from me to join the wiki.

Thanks to you all for being patient during the move.  I hope you not only visit the wiki, but join!


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