Must Have Resources via #CodeNewbies

When I have time, I participate in a twitter chat every Wednesday hosted by  The chat is filled with twitter users like me who are learning code and growing their network along the way.  In last night’s chat, we discussed free online resources for users when one participant was kind enough to pass along two gems of info.

  • Github has been growing a list of free online programming books available here.  This list currently has over 400 people contributing to it and is updated frequently.  There’s about 30 books that have been added to list so far.
  • Described as the “motherload of free coding lists”, reSRC has created a links library of online guides published by other sites.  The list can be viewed here and includes about 40 links that are voted on based on their effectiveness.

When I started Our Code Wiki, I didn’t have much time to search for online freebies, but what I did find, I shared. I’m happy others are doing the same.

I’ll be adding both links to the Wiki and hope you all take full advantage of them. Also, if you have the chance to join us on Wednesday, follow @CodeNewbie to participate in the chat.



One thought on “Must Have Resources via #CodeNewbies

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