Check Out the Scholarships Apple is Offering for Fall 2015

If you’re like me, many of you may be starting, finishing, or returning to school [hopefully] in a tech related field this season.  The difference between me returning to school now versus then (I already have 2 degrees) is that I’m actually paying for classes out of pocket.  Thirty percent of my monthly earnings go towards tuition every semester.  If I can’t afford a particular course, then I try to find a free or low-cost MOOC equivalent through Coursera, MITx, or EdX.  Dedicating at least 30 minutes a day scouting for scholarships and completing forms for next year has also been added to my weekly task list.  Taking 2 courses a semester is good for me now as I work full-time and freelance on the side.  However, I would definitely take on a full semester’s worth of courses if I could finance them without having to take out loans.

While catching up on the #CodeNewbie twitter chat last night, one of the participants tweeted a link to the Inclusion and Diversity scholarships Apple is offering for Fall 2015 here.  According to the site, Apple is focusing on 4 main areas of concentration in regard to these scholarships: Internet Software & Services, Product Integrity (Sensors), Product Integrity (Track), and Software Engineering.  Here is a short summary:

The Software Inclusion and Diversity Engineering Scholarship is an opportunity for women, black/African American, Hispanic, and Native American university students to win a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for their education in the technology field.

To be eligible, applicants must be women, black/African American, Hispanic, or Native American students who are attending an accredited U.S. university and continuing their education in Fall 2015.

Applicants must be in at least their sophomore year of college pursuing a bachelor’s degree, or enrolled in a master’s degree or PhD program in computer science or a related field.

Another important formality includes submitting an app proposal with these guidelines:

In addition to your resume, as part of your application you need to submit a detailed proposal for a new iPhone or iPad app that you’d like to develop. Be creative and consider all the technologies available to you on iOS.

Your proposal should answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • What problem is the app solving?
  • Who is the target user for the app?
  • What are the major user-level features of the app?
  • What is the overall user interaction with the app?
  • Feel free to include mockups of the user interface (screenshots or functional mockups) to help illustrate.

The best part about applying is that you’ll also be in the running for an internship at Apple as well!  Applications are due November 7th, 2014, so if you’re considering applying, you can view more information and download forms here.  Scroll to the middle of the webpage to find links.

Scholarship winners will be announced on January 31st, 2015. Good luck!


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