Strengthening Our Mission and Staying the Course

Promoting Our Code in tech circles has been fulfilling as it allows me to really hone in on the tech pipeline issue.  I often fear the central focus of this site is missed due to the fact that myself, a Black woman, created and run it.  When I first created Our Code as a blog, I had women of color in mind as my target audience.  Finding my place in the blogosphere was difficult this year because I don’t share the same experiences as other women and minorities in tech. It’s no surprise that I have not made race, gender, and wage issues a priority here, and if the blog continues, the posts will become more code-centered.  I want to reiterate a few points and clarify what this site advocates:

1.  The focus of Our Code is not to discuss sexism and racism at tech companies. I don’t feel those issues need to be discussed in this particular space.  This is a blog for those who are learning how to code and are looking for resources to help them.

2.  Our Code is empowerment-focused and solution-oriented.  I share stories about coders to inspire others, information that I think will help others succeed, and education resources that will help readers become better designers and developers.

3.  When I promote a resource or organization on Our Code, indiscretion on my part is used thoroughly.  If I promote a resource on this blog, it’s because I like it or use it, not because I’m getting paid to write about it.

I’m thankful and welcome the support of having a great core readership. I want this site to grow in subscribers who perhaps become contributors one day, but growth doesn’t trump mission.  I can’t allow the opinions of others to sway the type of space I created for coders here.


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