GitHub Launches New Student Developer Pack

In case you haven’t heard, GitHub announced the launch of a developer package for students today.  As part of GitHub Education, an initiative to integrate GitHub into school curriculum, the pack will be available to any student 13 years and older who is currently enrolled in a diploma-track or degree program.  Here is the list that the student developer pack includes summarized by GitHub:

Atom: an free, open source text editor created by GitHub

Bitnami: cloud application software

CrowdFlower: a platform for crowdsouring and data

Digital Ocean: cloud hosting software

DNSimple: manages DNS and comes with API

GitHub: social collaborative code management site

HackHands: live programming platform

Namecheap: offers domain name registration and SSL certificate

Orchestrate: database portfolio

Screenhero: screening sharing software for teams

SendGrid: email infrastructure service

Stripe: transaction fees waived for this web and mobile payment software

Travis CI: continuous integration platform for projects

Unreal Engine: game development tool suite

Most of the software and tools listed are normally available at a hefty price for students, so the fact that GitHub put this together as free resource is commendable. To download the pack, click here.


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