Quick update: being patient and other advice

I wanted to give a quick update on my progress thus far.

1. I finished my Intro to Linux course, successfully installed it on one my laptops, and am comfortable using the command line.

The Next Step:  Find a MOOC on MySQL and gain an introduction on raspberry pi.

2. I’m sharpening my responsive design skills by growing a portfolio to be publish online by January.  To do this, I’ll be working on coding my sites by hand and using them as examples.

The Next Step: Offer to design sites for small businesses in my region to add to my portfolio, and do some freelance work via Fiverr.

3. I dropped my Java course.  Though I hope to retake it in the Spring, I’m more open to exploring Python more than Java at this point.

The Next Step: Focus on my other college classes for the rest of this semester.

4. The two MOOCs I’m taking on Python are going very well. I favor the one by UMichigan because the instructor has a lot of experience in open source software. I find the one through Rice U to be annoying though.  We’re spending the course working on coding a game, something that is big turn off for me in terms of projects.

The Next Step: Complete the Rice U course strictly for learning purposes and ditch the game project. I’ll use what I learn to build something more interesting.

Cons: I’m trying to let go of the “just hurry up and tell me how to do it” mindset I have when it comes to my course work. When I set certain goals for myself, I grow impatient when I feel I’m not completing them quick enough.  My biggest frustration is being told by a college adviser that I have to complete a certain amount of math courses in prerequisite for courses I really want to take.  More classes = more money out of my pocket, as I’m not financing my education with any help at the moment. While I championed working on a CS degree this past Summer, maybe enrolling in a bootcamp would be better suited for me.

Pros: When I first became interested in learning to code 2 years ago, memorizing code snippets allowed me to bypass groundwork and get my feet wet freelancing.  However, not being able to fulfill my clients’ needs and having to repeatedly outsource projects made me see I was going about it all wrong.  I needed to go through training to gain deeper understanding of programming concepts I had missed. I’m finally growing comfortable in the skills I developed thus far.  I’m excited about how much further I can go.

I’ll be sure to give you all my updates at least once a month.  In the meantime, follow me on twitter @shethrives11 


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