Want to Use Your Coding Skills for Good? Two Orgs That Can Help

Code For America has created the Civic Tech Issue finder tool which will allow users to search Github for civic projects in their area.  To use the tool, you can choose your “brigade” or region, add labels to lower your search, and search by skills level.  While using “Code For Nashville” as my brigade and the search label “help wanted”, I was able to find a multiple projects of interest, including one for blogging, something I love to do.

To use the tool or embed it on your site, go to Code For America and enter your search inquiry.

Also, Social Coding For Good is accepting volunteers for projects.  Social Coding For Good is an organization that was started to connect web professionals with open source projects and volunteer their time working on tech solutions to social causes. The projects focus on causes in healthcare, education, disaster relief, conservation, human rights, poverty alleviation, and many others.  In addition, volunteers can choose to work with tech companies already working on these areas including Mozilla, the Wikimedia Foundation, Benetech, and Medic Mobile just to name a few.

To sign up and volunteer, click here to fill out the initial form.

Volunteering your time to tech projects is a great way to boost your skills and collaborate with others remotely.  Find ways to get involved outside of work and school.


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