Why Our Code Supports MotherCoders and How You Can To

As the creator of Our Code, I get emails, tweets, and DMs everyday from tech groups wanting to get their message out using this space to do it. I’m pretty selective.  If I posted everything I received, I would never sleep.  Not to mention the fact I’m also trying to develop an audience around Our Code for underrepresented women.  I want to keep posts as relevant as possible.  In the past, this has meant ignoring fundraising requests and sticking to promoting as many open, accessible, and affordable opportunities as possible.  A particular campaign has been on my mind though.  After reading an update letter on what’s going on with the MotherCoders indiegogo campaign, I couldn’t help but to share news about it.

MotherCoders was founded as a tech orientation program that offers on-site childcare for moms who want to learn basic programming and network with industry professionals.  I do not have children, and I recognize this allows me the privilege to devote more of my time to learning to code than the average parent.  When I blog about how Our Code is geared for underrepresented women, this includes single mothers who often don’t have the time or money to continue their education in a traditional fashion.  MotherCoders seeks to work exclusively with that population.

MotherCoders – A Tech Orientation Program Designed for Moms from MotherCoders on Vimeo.

The organization is seeking $15,000 to cover childcare expenses, business licensing, video production to stream their sessions for their online audience, and to provide lunch for the moms who attend their sessions on site.  At the time of this post, they have met only about 1/3 of their goal. The campaign will run for the next 4 days, and there are perks for those who contribute.  You may contribute by visiting the campaign’s site here.

I also noticed that MotherCoders is seeking to partner with businesses who would like to sponsor a lunch for the sessions as well as tech professionals who can consult on other services.  If you would like to contribute an in-kind donation, the org has set up a Supporters page to assist you.

Even if you don’t donate, you can still spread the word about the campaign by sharing this blog post, following @MotherCoders or liking their facebook page.


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