Codecademy Partners on ReskillUSA, Offers an Affordable Bootcamp in the Process

Codecademy, a site that offers introduction coding lessons, played a big part in how I transitioned into webdev.  In 2011, I was a freelance copywriter and blogger running my own business providing web content for company sites and blogs.  Feeling the demand to add web design to the list of services I offered, I took to Codecademy to learn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Eventually, I learned enough to communicate with clients and contractors about their web needs and even do some basic debugging and site updates for those who paid me an additional fee.  My infatuation with design turned into a hankering for programming, one that still plagues me today (in a good way).  Though I’ve surpassed being a novice and no longer rely on Codecademy for my education, I still support the org and promote it to beginners.

I had a chance to catch up with how Codecademy is developing when I read about the company’s latest partnership with Thinkful, the Flatiron School, and Dev Bootcamp in creating ReSkillUSA.  ReSkillUSA functions to promote both online and offline learning with the mission of “closing the gap between technical education and employment”.  It was less than 2 weeks ago when I led a discussion on the need for more affordable bootcamp-like programs for women learning to code.  Come to find out, Codecademy has been creating labs that offer just that.  Launching as Codecademy Labs under ReskillUSA, the part-time offline program offers 12 week extensive courses covering HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, Angular.js, and Ruby on Rails. There are 3 specific reasons why I’m excited about the Labs enough to share info about the program with you all:

1. The cost for the entire 12 week program is just $250.  This is a huge deal considering the fact that most programming bootcamps can cost anywhere from $4000-$20,000 for the same amount of time. In order to keep costs low and the program lean, the tuition will go towards paying for instructors’ salaries and rental space.  Those who want to secure a seat can do so with a $50 deposit upon registration.

2. The program is part-time and meets on Saturdays and Sundays.  For women who work traditional office hours, go to school full-time, or have demanding family obligations, the schedule flexibility is gold.  Most bootcamps are full-time, requiring those who are employed to choose either to quit their jobs in order to learn, or risk losing valuable time off set aside for sick, vacation, or maternity leave.

3.  The program is operating in most major cities with the intention to expand. I found out about Codecademy Labs when I went to the Dev Bootcamp Chicago location for a meetup this past weekend.  In addition to Chicago, the program is also offered in Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Since these 5 cities have the most concentrated populations of women of color, I would say the program is situated where it needs to be.

Low cost, flexible, and accessible– all of these meet my checklist for getting an Our Code shoutout!

The next labs cycle starts in early December. To register and secure your spot in the program, click here to go the Codecademy Labs site.



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