It’s Computer Science Ed Week!

Computer Science Education Week, designed around promoting comp psi curriculum integration in schools, will take place December 8-14th, 2014.  While it does also fall during finals week here in my region, I wanted to showcase some great events and projects you all can get involved in with celebrating:

Hour of Code: Chances are if you read this blog, you are already coding at least an hour a day.  Why not teach a younger student this week? The site for the non-profit event has some amazing teaching materials and resources for those who would like to pair up as a mentor.  Just to get started, Apple retail stores around the country will be hosting free coding sessions as well. Grab a student and go!

Tuts for Beginners: In addition to hosting Hour of Code, also offers plenty of tutorials (tuts) for those as young as 4 years old to take advantage of.  K-8th grade students can start with tuts that help them to learn javascript, make games, learn about working with robotics through Lego, and plenty more here.

Harvard X CS50: Those who are familiar with my journey know that this course offered through Harvard is what really got me interested in programming.  I went through CS50 last year and have been learning beyond design ever since. Though an intro course, CS50 is no joke and system requirements do apply. The course is self-paced, free (as a MOOC), and offered year round. Visit EdX here to sign up.

Design a Splash Page: Splash pages are like landing pages; they are simple and function to take the user to one’s portfolio or other links.  Even if you are not ready to develop your own site from scratch just yet, this course will help you design your own splash page in an hour complete with a background, bio, social media button links, and an email subscription option.  You can access the course here through Udemy.

Read and Program: I’m a fan of diving in and learning by doing.  However, I realize that computer sci is like cooking: anyone can follow a recipe (code), but few work hard to become master chefs (programmers). That’s why I try to read popular books on CS themes and theory.  Lately, I’ve been getting more into data structures, but everyone’s different.  Find a book that works best for you by browsing through popular CS titles on goodreads.

Peep a Con: Confreaks, a popular Youtube channel that livestreams and shares tech con sessions, has posted videos from RubyConf2014, Django Con 2014, ArrrCamp 2014, and many others. Watch or attend a conference based on the programming language of your choice to stay up to date about workflows and industry trends.

Live Chat with Jack: Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, will be live chatting with others tomorrow, December 9th, 2014 at 12noon PT.  Click here to watch the chat and participate.

Study: It’s finals week for many of us, so study hard and go all out for your computer science classes.

If you know of any events celebrating Comp Sci Week 2014, let me know.  I may spotlight them in another post this week.


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