Want to Learn Bootstrap? Join me on CodeBuddies Tonight

I’ve been hanging out with the Code Buddies community this year as part of my goal to network with other designers and developers over knowledge share.  It’s a great pair programming resource for newbs who want to learn new languages with others via Google Hangouts.  Through Code Buddies, I’ve had the chance to join others in designing side projects, studying data structures in python, learning more about testing and Rspec, and trying out frameworks such as MeteorJS.  I decided to create a session on Bootstrap, since Microsoft just launched their latest MOOC on it.  I have working knowledge of bootstrap, and even designed a template or two with it, but it’s always cool to improve.

If you want to join me, we’ll be meeting virtually on Code Buddies every Tuesday night at 6:30pm CST beginning today.  We’ll be using the Bootstrap MOOC as our main learning source and sharing our projects in the Hangouts over the next 3 weeks. To register for the course (DEV203x), go to EdX to enroll now.  To sign up for the hangout and vid chat with yours truly about course material, click here.


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