Learning Patterns Matter: It’s Not the Material, It’s You.

I truly believe that anyone, regardless of education background, can not only learn to code, but excel in writing efficient programs.  Over the course of the year I’ve been blogging about code, I’ve developed insight on my own learning patterns.  Being honest with myself, I now choose learning modules, tutorials, and classes that fit these patterns.  By doing so, I found that I can achieve more in a shorten amount of time. Instead of quitting and blaming the difficulty of the material, I’m taking my time, learning how to code using resources that work best for me, not the ones that are promoted online the most. Here’s what I’ve documented about my learning patterns:

1. I love MOOCs, but only enroll in the courses that keep lecture videos to a minimum. I have audio processing disorder, a learning disability that affects my listening comprehension. The shorter the videos the better.

2. I cannot multitask when I learn. When I do so, I forget everything I’ve learned within a day or two.  I have to be 100% attentive to the information I’m processing.

2. Paying for a resource has no affect on me in terms of how committed I am to it. I’ve thrown a lot of money away on resources just because they were described as “the best”, only to not use them. There’s a saying that people don’t respect free. I don’t think that applies to me though.

3. I love coding with others, but value in person meetups over online communities. For example, I know everyone loves Slack, but I find it to be distracting. I rather gather with some friends at the library and work alongside one another on a common project.

4. I’m more likely to complete my homework when it’s project based.

5. I don’t do well in long-term courses. Once I get the gist of how a program works, I lose interest quickly. Courses that are 3-5 weeks in length tends to work well for me.

7. Combining learning resources is the best strategy for me in terms of learning a new programming language (Ex: Doing an online module + reading a book for beginners).

Since I’ve laid out my learning patterns and adjusted my education, I’ve been completing more projects, (some of which I will be creating tutorials for in this blog). I’m always interested in how readers are adjusting to learning new material, so if you have any best practices to share, please do! How has your coding journey fared so far? What are some of your go-to learning resources?  Which ones do you favor over others? Feel free to comment below.


2 thoughts on “Learning Patterns Matter: It’s Not the Material, It’s You.

    • Thank you for reading Keith! It took me a while to stop fighting nature and realize that certain learning resources are not a good fit for me. I now judge each resource according to my likelihood of achievement with it. This is helped me with decision fatigue too.

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