#100DaysOfCode Weekend Roundup: Bootstrap and Vanilla JS

This weekend I hosted a morning study session via CodeBuddies where I got to the chance to touch up projects I started on Days 1-4 of the challenge.  I was joined by a few group members who were working on Meteor and Rails apps.  It’s cool to see how apps come together in other frameworks.  I’m inspired to add more web and mobile apps to my body of work.  Would it be smarter for me to shift focus of the challenge to just concentrating on one main app as opposed to several smaller projects?  I’m not sure at this point.  I do know that in less than a week, I will start course 4 of the full stack web development specialization I’m enrolled in where we’ll cover using Ionic and Cordova, so I may get the chance.

In the meantime, I like that I’m able to revisit books and tutorials I placed aside due to my coursework.  Jon Duckett’s “JavaScript and jQuery” is a book I bought more than a year ago, but never cracked open until this challenge.  The book makes web interactivity central to learning JavaScript, which is refreshing since so many books and tuts I find focus on functional programming.  Because I see my future in UI front-end development, studying JS interactivity is aligned with that.  I want to master how to do things in “vanilla” (plain) JS before getting too caught up in frameworks (Angular, Meteor, React) and libraries.

In addition to adding glyphicons, a sliding carousel, content, buttons to my Bootstrappin’ Portfolio project, I also got to chapter 4 in Duckett’s book. Other than the portfolio add-ons and exercises in the book, I didn’t write much code.  I spent a lot of time reading more about testing though, and I’m satisfied with the overall productivity of my weekend.

You can peep my Day 5, 6, 7 progress by going to the #100DaysOfCode Github repo here.  I also completed exercise one and two from Duckett’s book that you can view and fork on my CodePen profile.

*** Day 5-7 Recap ***

  1.  Added glyphicons to the navbar of the Bootstrappin’ Portfolio site
  2. Added columns to the site and basic Lorem Ipsum content
  3. Added buttons to the site and readjusted container for the footer
  4. Created a project folder for exercises from Duckett’s book
  5. Completed exercise one and two from the book and added preview on Codepen

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