#100DaysOfCode Day 8: Staying Upbeat and Focused on AngularJS

Not going to lie, I’m tired as hell. My days at work are becoming longer, and with so much to do afterwards just to carve out an hour (or 3) to coding, I’ve really had to concentrate on staying upbeat when I get home. I feel like the real challenge of staying motivated has begun.

To counter fatigue, I’ve created a night time routine that will allow me to get at least an hour and half of coding in after dinner.  I want to try to get 2 hours in during the day too, and this means I’ll have to be more productive before work, while I’m traveling, and during my break hours.  Even though my blog updates may not occur daily, I’ll make sure you all know what I’m doing through the challenge repo I created on GitHub.  I want all my readers to ride along with me, and I appreciate the accountability.

Not to say Day 8 wasn’t productive. I made it through chapter 6 of Duckett’s book, added a footer and social media icons to the Bootstrappin’ Portfolio site, and finished the first hour of a course on AngularJS I’m taking through Udemy.  I know I’m about to start coursework with HKU again in less than a week, but Udemy was having a sale, and I couldn’t resist! Plus, I don’t want to forget all I’ve learned with Angular.   It is important for me to code often in (vanilla) JavaScript to improve in object-oriented programming, but it’s also just as important that I know how to use and develop with at least one JS framework.

In the first hour of the AngularJS course, I followed the exercise and built a small, simple program that (1) greets the user, (2) takes input from the user, (3) calculates both the sum and product of two numbers entered by user.

Screenshot because WP preformatted text is STILL acting up

Screenshot because WP preformatted text is STILL acting up

Here’s a small screenshot of what the code details:

Angular program screenshot

My example above makes use of directives, controllers, and expressions. If that sounds like jibberish to you, read this post I wrote on AngularJS that explains the components in better detail.

Though I’m often exhausted at the end of the day, I’ve come to find out that if I keep coding past the first 10 minutes, I eventually get caught up in what I’m working on, and can go on for much longer.  I’m determined to see this challenge through.

*** Day 8 Recap ***

  1. Added footer to the Bootstrappin’ Portfolio site with social media buttons
  2. Finished first hour of this AngularJS course.

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