I Registered for Hack.Summit() 2016 and 5 Reasons Why You Should Too

The second annual Hack.Summit() 2016 conference coming this February is shaping up to fulfill its goal yet again of being the largest programming conference in history.  Over 64,000 people participated in the conference during its inauguration, and the organizers are hoping to increase that number.  I’ve gotten feedback from others who participated last year that they really enjoyed the speakers’ insight on the industry and specifically learning more about how contribute to the open-source community.  Not wanting to miss it, I registered and hope you all join me.  Here’s 5 reasons why you should:

1.  Some of the creators of the world’s top technology are keynote speakers.  The creators of Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Google Glass, TDD, Sass, and Apache Storm will all be speaking.  Founders such as Joel Spolsky of Trello and Stack Overflow, Brian Fox of GNU Bash Shell, and Orion Henry of Heroku will also lead keynotes and sessions.

2.  The hackathon involves solving real problems for non-profit organizations and companies.  According to one of the event’s main organizers, 30,000 developers from 900+ cities have signed up for it so far.  The winning team prize pool is $150,000.

3.  It’s virtual, so you don’t have to worry about travel and lodging expenses. The conference will be streamed entirely online through Crowdcast, and if you have a ticket code, you can access the videos at a later time once posted.

4.  Can’t afford it? No problem! Tweet or donate to an org to earn a ticket.  The goal is to raise at least $50,000 for great organizations such as Coder Dojo that has established free programming clubs all over America, and Code.org which works to expand computer science education in schools. Tweeting about the conference helps improve participation and visibility, but donate if you can to earn a ticket as well.

5.  The presenters have noted they want to help developers “find their dream job”. Improving mentorship between seasoned and new developers is a goal of the event.  If that means participants will have the chance to connect with potential employers than it’s definitely worth it to attend if you can. Plus there is a *bonus gift* if you register that could help boost your resume skills immensely, but I’ll keep that secret to myself for now 😉

If you stream it, send me a shout out in the chat and I’ll answer back.  I’ll also make my username known on twitter the day of, so follow me @SheThrives11 to keep up. Conference information below.

Hack.Summit() 2016

When: February 22-25, 2016

Where: Online, livestreamed through Crowdcast

Register here and make sure you check the box if you plan to join the hackathon




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