#100DaysOfCode Day 10 & 11 Progress Report

Because I’ve been working on the same projects this week, as well as completing the same tutorials, I thought I share a progress report.

Completing Frontend JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

At the beginning of the challenge, I was in the last week of this course.  I successfully finished it with a score of 100% and earned a certificate. This means I can continue on with HKU’s full stack web development specialization!  Course 4 starts next week and the majority of my future posts will cover what I learn daily.

See my post on the finished project

Finishing Jon Duckett’s “JavaScript and JQuery”

Since beginning to read this book a week ago, I’m more than half-way finished with the book.  Currently, I’m in jQuery section, which is Part II of the book.  Not only does this section cover jQuery, it also goes into detail on using Ajax and APIs as well.

Worked example one: OrderForm

Worked example two: HotelOffers

Github project folder: JSDuckett

Open sourcing the Bootstrappin’ Portfolio project

I started reading “Bootstrap Site Blueprints” by Cochan & Whitley.  The first project was to create a simple one-page portfolio site.  I completed it by the book, then went back and customized it.  The project is so completely different from what was advised that I was able to to remove Cochan & Whitley’s credits from the project repo.

I completed first drafts the Home page and Portfolio page.  I also began the Services page and will start on the Contact page this weekend.  My list of what still needs to be done grows by the day, but I’m confident I can get it done:

  1. The original footer was removed, I need to replace it. It will be simple with just copyright info and social media links
  2. I want to add social media icons to the home page under the “see my work” button
  3. Fonts need to be added. I’m leaning towards Raleway or Open Sans
  4. I’m playing with the option of adding an interactive resume to the services page
  5. Contact page needs to be added

Once I style the pages and complete the components, the project will be finished and I might release it as a template so others may use it (if it’s good enough).  Here’s some screen shots of the first drafts:

made a splash page for the home.html, users click the button to go to the site

made a splash page for the home.html, users click the button to go to the site


the portfolio page will have screenshots of projects and allow the developer to write a summary of their work

the portfolio page will have screenshots of projects and allow the developer to write a summary of their work


the services page is pretty bare, I still have components to add

the services page is pretty bare, I still have components to add

Even though I ventured away from the book, I really like that the authors did something different by teaching how to customize the LESS and Sass files. I know a lot of developers have done this to create their own responsive grid framework. I’m going to continue with the book and see what else can be done with LESS.

My post on customizing LESS and Sass

Github project folder: BSPortfolio

Learning Test Driven Development

I made it a goal to learn more about testing throughout the challenge. I now have working knowledge of integrating Jasmine and Angular ngMock for testing.  Being able to have your project pass unit and end-to-end tests is not only important, but a vital part of the development process.  I want to expand my work with Jasmine and become more comfortable using it on all my Angular projects for here on out.  In the future, you may see a post (or two) about other agile processes too.

See my post on Jasmine and testing

My Jasmine and Angular ngMock scripts on Github

AngularJS course via Udemy

I started and finished the first hour of this course. I’ve been lazy about completing it, though. It’s only about 6 hours and I have no reason for why I can’t dedicate time to it. The funny thing is I have about 5-7 tutorials and “just-for-fun” courses in my queue that have gone ignored. We’ll see how much I can get this weekend.

My post on this course and sample code

Personal Goals and Self-care

I’ve mentioned in a prior post I’m starting to experience fatigue.  To remedy this, I’ve been spending at least 30 minutes in the morning before work dedicated to reading, coding during my breaks, scheduling study sessions online for accountability, getting at least an hour or two of coding in after dinner, and posting to the blog when I can instead of daily.  This works as far as productivity is concerned, but to combat fatigue I’ve been going to bed early and taking B-complex supplements.  I’m not an energy drink nor a coffee-everyday person, so I find taking B-vitamins to be a safe and healthy alternative.  It’s too early to tell, but I do see a difference

That’s it for my report!  You can follow the #100DaysOfCode Github repo here to keep up on my daily progress (I’m currently on Day 12 as I write).  I posted a new hangout on CodeBuddies to study a framework of your choice. Come join me this Monday, or just stop by and say hi. Click here to join and RSVP.




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