#100DaysOfCode Day 14: MLK Day with AngularJS

Had a day off from work with it being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday.  I didn’t want to lay about, so I scheduled a hangout via CodeBuddies that went very well.  What was originally a 2 hour session, turned into 3.5 hours and I was able to finish up the Udemy course on AngularJS that I had started.

The course was short and sweet, but didn’t go into much detail about how to use AngularJS other than doing a basic project setup and using directives and Controllers to create a few simple apps.  The last and most detailed section was on form validation with Angular which I grew bored of quickly.  I’ve already detailed how to do form validation with HTML5/JavaScript and with jQuery using a Bootstrap script that you can check out here and here if interested.

Nonetheless, I can always use a refresher, as I know my style of learning requires lots of repetition, even of concepts that I think I have a grasp of.  I forgot to login to GitHub while finishing up the course, so I had to upload the files at the end.  In all, I created two versions of a todo list, a interactive contact directory, and a grocery list for the course.  All 4 programs have the same base code: an HTML list powered by objects in the Controller with data stored in key-value pairs.  Very basic and super easy to replicate.

You can see and play with my interactive ToDo List on jsfiddle here.  To see all 4 of the programs I created for the course, go to the Day 14 IntroAngular project folder in my #100DaysOfCode repo.


2 thoughts on “#100DaysOfCode Day 14: MLK Day with AngularJS

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