#100DaysOfCode Day 15: Getting into jQuery

I decided to do take *another* course, this time on jQuery.  I know I’m already enrolled in more than one MOOC at the moment, but after finishing up my recent AngularJS tut, I feel I have room to expand.  Plus, I want a supplement to Duckett’s book I’m reading, and since I learn well by watching video tuts, taking a course seems right.

Not that it was planned. I had actually went to EdX to download a honor certificate I earned on cloud computing last year, but I saw Microsoft had made their latest jQuery course self-paced and shortened it to 4 modules. So In enrolled and have completed the first module which I will detail in later posts.

Now I know I have to do my best not to overwhelm myself.  Passing the last two courses in the Full Stack Web Dev Specialization is a priority for me, and I don’t want to get myself mixed up.  Anything JavaScript-related is doable for me though, and the more projects I can get into, the better.

Check out the #100DaysOfCode GitHub repo and click on Day 15 to follow my progress.

*** Day 15 Recap ***

  1. Finished module 1 of Microsoft’s Dev208x course on jQuery
  2. Created an IntroJQ project folder on GitHub and added a demo file

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