#100DaysOfCode: Days 20-24 A Project Update of What I’ve Been Working On

It’s been a while since I did a post on my #100DaysOfCode challenge, but like I said, I’ll give you all no excuses. With being promoted at work and being in charge of a new project rolling out in a few months, I’ll write and deliver posts whenever I can.  Today I’m catching up and I’ll link to the individual days on #100DaysOfCode project page so you can find the code I worked on.

Bootstrappin’ Portfolio Update

The portfolio project is 80% complete. During my time away I added two more portfolio pages to give users some variety.  The goal is the portfolio acts as a template that can be used by any type of creative: writers, photographers, developers, designers, etc.  True to my style, I also made it as neutral as possible, allowing anyone who clones it to customize it to their own tastes. Over the past week, I also added small features like pop-up modals that act as previews in case users want to link to outside projects. Though I probably spent about 7 hours on it so far, I don’t feel like it’s done. I still want to expand the services page, and get a code review from my mentor before I refactor the project into a single page site (which I’ll release as a separate template). Even with 20% more work to put into later, this will probably be the last post I mention it in this series.  I’ve been working with Bootstrap for the past 2 years. It’s normal for me to include it as part of my front-end development process for quick projects that should go without saying.

jQuery Update

I finished module 2 and I’m halfway through module 3 of Microsoft’s course on jQuery and started a project folder for the exercises done thus far. I don’t want to ruin the course for those who are planning on taking it, so stay away from the IntroJQ folder of the #100DaysOfCode repo if you don’t want “answer” code.  Because I’m back at it with course 4 in the specialization I’m enrolled in, I probably on work on jQuery on the weekends after I’ve submitted my assignments.

JavaScript Update

I finished Jon Duckett’s book “JavaScript and jQuery”– well at least the sections on those two.  Like everything else I’m learning outside of the specialization, the sections that dive into Ajax are going to have to wait.  Go to the JSDuckett folder of the #100DaysOfCode repo if you want to see worked examples from the book, or head to my CodePen account for live examples that don’t require cloning.

AngularJS Update

The fourth course in the specialization covers mobile app development, and I’m pretty excited to be working with Ionic since I heard great things about it.  Ionic works well with Angular, so instead of starting with a completely different project, Prof. Muppala has decided to let us work with the same web app we built in course 3 (I showcase that app here).  This cuts out the bulk of prework and I’m able to concentrate on just building the mobile version. I like Ionic so far and I’ll probably due more post about it in the future.

Visit the #100DaysOfCode repo and click on the individual days to see the code.

**** Day 20-24 Recap ****

  1. Created port_one.html, port_two.html, and port_three.html pages for the BSPortfolio project
  2. Added modals to port_three.html
  3. Finished first half of module 3 of Microsoft jQuery course, updated IntroJQ project



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