Guest Post: Skill Up and Save by Attending Remote Cons

Remember Rashida’s great review of the JavaScript class hosted by Girl Develop It!  She’s back to give us a short update and share some advice. Please welcome Rashida as today’s guest contributor on attending conferences while saving travel costs.


A lot has happened since my last post. To recap:

– I finished the GDI Atlanta Intro to JavaScript course (barely…because I was 9 months pregnant)

– I had a baby the same week that I finished the GDI Atlanta course

– I set unrealistic goals for continuing to learn to code while on maternity leave

– I took a risk & started applying for jobs anyway

– I GOT A JOB (and it’s remote)

And this is only the beginning. Now that I’m officially in the tech industry, now more than ever do I need to continue to invest time in learning. In addition to the many unfinished tutorials in which I’m enrolled, conferences are another medium that I’m incorporating into my learning strategy moving forward.

Conferences are great way to learn more about your topic or language of choice and network with other developers.  I attended Rails Conf last year and had such a great experience. I was able to sit in on talks about topics I knew nothing about, which isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes listening when you don’t understand can be a step in the direction of comprehension down the road.

Since Rails Conf, I’ve been very excited about attending even more conferences in order to further my skills and my education in web development. When I found out about JS Remote Conf, I knew I had to attend. Although conferences are awesome, they can also be expensive. If you have to travel to get there, the expense skyrockets. This is how attending a remote conference can work in your favor.  I attended JS Remote Conf from the comfort of my bed, in my PJs (thank you very much), for three days. The speakers live streamed their talks, while the sidebar contained a chat module where attendees could interact and ask questions.

Another great thing about attending JS Remote Conf was that even when I couldn’t tune into a talk, they were all recorded so that I could always come back later and watch them again as a registered attendee.  Some of the talks went entirely over my head, but as I mentioned before, that’s OK! You don’t have to understand everything as you are learning. The more that you consistently dive in and learn about challenging topics, the more it will stick.

If you are interested in registering for a remote conference this year, check out this site to see what’s up and coming in the next several months.


Rashida is a Front End Developer for Black Fin, Inc.  Despite numerous coding hiatuses, she has become the ultimate comeback kid. When she’s not knocking out front-end tuts like a boss, you can often find her on Twitter @rashidathompson.


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